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Creation - extra pics

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We have been studying God's very amazing creation and then the kiddos tried their hand. Not only did they make their own clay/playdough, they also created. Some allowed their piece to harden, others brought it home and kept it soft for extra creating. Anyway, a few pics from last weeks project. I will post the rest of the pics on the next post--5 pic max from my phone. :)

2017 Fall Fest

Thank you to everyone! It was such a magical day for me and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as well. The family of people that the school brings together really does warm my heart.

Even with the rain, the kiddos picked up garbage - with happy hearts! Their willingness and excitement to serve puts a smile on my face... even in less than perfect conditions. I don't have as many pictures this year - my camera battery died... I guess I'm slipping in some respects, but I also just really enjoyed the day.... a gentle rain, swinging, picking up ditches, hot cocoa, food, community, wild kratts, a hay ride, frisbee, music, sunshine after a cloudy day, mud pies, adventuring, a fire - Thank you God for showering us with your blessings!!!

And all God's children said... Amen!

2017 Fall Fest and Road Clean-Up Reminder

Just a reminder that the fall fest and road clean-up are this Friday. Everyone is welcome! We will clean ditches in the morning, 8:30ish. BBQ starts at 11:30. Sandwiches will be provided. Please bring a side dish. Feel free to respond to this post so we don't double up - or not - I don't think anyone will mind! :) We will have games, music, and fellowship throughout the afternoon. All the glory to God!

A pic from last year.

School Pics

Our beautiful student for the 2017-2018 school year. If anyone would like the print-ready picture files, please email and I will send.  Psalm 139:14 - We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Godspeed!

Decorate the world with His love.

One of if not the awesomest part about being a Christian is decorating this world with His love. Thanks kiddos for your service! :) 

Updated Tuition Policy

We are updating our tuition policy :

Since the origination of BCS, our mission has drawn us down a slightly different path as more of a mission than a business. Tuition is not required. God has and continues to provide for BCS in so many ways and if you feel BCS is a good fit for your family, please contact us. Some families do want to pay tuition, if that is the case, here is a guideline or you can simply make a donation - but please don't feel obligated. Tuition: $1125/year or $140/month for 8 months. 

Many families also like to contribute to the school by providing meals or donating time - which is welcomed.

God Bless and May the peace that transcends all human understanding guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Water Bottle

Could everyone bring a water bottle or cup with a lid as well. It can stay at school or they can bring it home every night, just let your child know. Thanks!

1st Day of School

We are very excited to be starting school tomorrow!! We hope everyone had a very blessed summer. A quick reminder: school pictures are tomorrow and k-12 will need to bring their own lunch. 
Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 NIV [12] I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. [13] That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil---this is the gift of God.
I pray this year we grow into our place on this Earth through service to each other and those we meet and we grow in happiness that touches our soul through growing our relationship with are very beautiful creator.
A little piece of nature we discovered this summer, the garden spider. A shy, gentle and brilliantly colored spider.

Back to School!! AHHHH! :)

We are down to 1 month left of summer vacation and pieces are starting to come together for our upcoming year. The bathroom and additional sink have been added, everything cleaned, and books in. I'm very excited to see what Jesus has in store for us. He fills our lives with such adventure and wonder, I only hope we can keep up. :)

I have posted the upcoming school calendar, current volunteer schedule, and volunteered hot lunch days in the side menu. (From a desktop, click the 3 lines in the upper right). If you would like to volunteer for either lunch or to help - please contact me,

God bless!

Psalm 25:3 No one who puts their hope in the Lord will be put to shame.

More! Raising the roof! :)

We love celebrating His love - and one of our favorite ways is singing! Thanks to everyone for helping us sing His praises and raising the roof in Bradley, SD!

And a couple more pics from the day.