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We had a pretty nice Halloween at BCS. The kids dressed up, we covered science and social studies from our ice skating day (all about harvest and photosynthesis :), we ate fresh red delicious apples straight from the orchard, donated by Mike Bjerke along with a chocolate chip cookie from Grandma! We also played ‘snap’, watched Pilgrim’s Progress (which was amazing!), and painted pumpkins (thank you Cassie for that donation). Enjoy the pics!

Our bible verse this week is Matthew 9:13 “Now go and learn the meaning of this scripture: ‘I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices.’ ”

We are doing day 41 for Homeschool Friday today.

The message in Pilgrim’s Progress echoed the sentiment of our bible verse this week. Our journey with Jesus is not about what you know but WHO you know. We are not Christian because we attend church or go to a ‘Christian’ school or even read the Bible - although all these things can lead us to want to know Him - what makes us a Christian is the mercy and love …
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Piano. Recital. Ice Skating. Halloween. And a Few Pics.

Hey all!

I pray everyone heals from all the bugs going around. It’s been a crazy month.

I have a few updates/news.

Ice Skating next Tuesday, October 29 from 12:30 to 2:30 in Watertown. $5/person or $10/family. Skates are available if you need them. The next dates will be November 12 and 26. We will be dismissing those days at 11:45. Please pick up your child/ren then - we will let the kids eat earlier those days, if you still want to send a lunch.

Piano/Recital. We are going to take a year off from the recital this year. While I am still offering piano lessons to any student that wishes - I am not requiring them this year, along with not requiring they practice everyday. If a student wants to work up a Christmas song - they are welcome to play it at the Christmas program!

Halloween. Kids are welcome to wear a costume to school on Halloween!

Enjoy your homeschool Friday! And the hope in a God that is both All Love and Sovereign. “Even the winds and the waves obey Him!”-Matthew 8:27


Lunch Update!!

We have slight change of plans for lunch this week and next week.

Lunch WILL be provided this Thursday, October 3.

Lunch WILL NOT be provided next week. Bring a lunch every day.


Homeschool Friday and a Few Pics!

Hey all! Hope everyone had a good week and has a restful weekend.

Just a couple notes for tomorrow: We are doing Day 17.

Writing Matthew 6:21 - -Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. 3rd plus - cursive. Please write neatly.

Math Facts : Please continue to do the math facts they have been doing all week.

I included the day 17 bible reading/science/social studies handout in their take home stack. Please journal about your explorations!

I pray everyone takes this opportunity to assess, look back, and expand on what your child/ren have done over this past week.


(A few of the pics are from a couple weeks ago - but the paintings were from yesterday)

Plant Species Nature Adventure Pics. Homeschool Fridays.

Hello All! Hope everyone is healing over the weekend.

I had quite a few questions about what the children were supposed to be doing for work this time and I want to share my thoughts with you (more completely) on why we chose to have Homeschool Fridays - it wasn’t just to have Fridays at home. :) My goal is to integrate parents into each child’s learning experience. Because we were all raised and taught in a ‘get it done and check the box’ environment - it will take us all time to adjust to this - including me. I continue to learn and grow everyday.

That being said, I will be sending home all the books most Thursdays with your child/ren - along with any days the school closes for snow or other reasons. Outside of those books and science/social studies, we practice writing, math facts, reading, bible, sign language and a few other things every day. Learning at home, gives you as a parent a chance to give your child one-on-one attention and assess and give them extra help in whatever th…

Garbage Pickup & Fall Fest Pics. Wookeys Tomorrow!

Here are a few pics from Friday. Thanks for helping with garbage and being game for a new adventure for Fall Fest! Enjoy the pics.

Also - tomorrow we do our first serve at Wookey’s in Clark. We will be leaving the school about 10am. Susan, Danielle, and I will be driving (this is enough riding space for everyone.) If you would like to take your own child/ren or don’t want them to attend, please pick them up at 10.


John 5:16 Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father.

Now the pics! :)