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Gingerbread Man

Check out the PreK Butterflies presenting 'The Gingerbread Man' to the Wonderfliers! :) Thanks Mrs. S... for everything you do. Everyday, I learn something.

And a few extra pics. I love how the Wonderfliers have so much fun doing simple projects like experimenting with shapes and fractions... and creative!

Another favorite time of day is listening to the high school boys during their faith discipline class. I love how they apply it to life.

Have a wonderful weekend!

BCS Singing in Webster

We will be singing Thursday, April 14th at Bethesda in Webster -- 10:30am.

We will remind you again the week of the 14th. Let us know if anyone wants to join us singing or driving or coming along for the ride!

Summer Reading/Refreshing

There are SDSU summer reading sheets in all the younger student's folders. I received them in the mail and am sharing. This is not mandatory, but ideally, I would like all of the students to do some reading and/or refreshing over the summer... whatever works for your family.

We will be sending home summer bridge books again (a worksheet a day basically-not quite) at the end of the school year. We would like these done by next fall. Also, I would love if the butterflies continued on with the McGuffey Primer. Just ask what level and I will let you know if you are interested!

I'm thinking spring! I hope the weather holds out :)
If you have any questions, let me know!

March 29-31 Concepts
Bible Verse - John 14:6  I am the way, the truth, and the life.

Butterflies - Letter Yy, Numbers 1-10 Counting dots and matching the number
                    Attentiveness, Patience, Cooperation, Mixing Yellow, McGuffey Primer, Piano
Wonderfliers - Reading:  Nonfiction (enjoying text while identifying answers to questions, author's
                                         purpose for writing
                        Math:  Geometry (faces, angles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, attribute charts
                        Social Studies: Mexico
                        Science:  Plants
                        Bible Study:  Genesis 43 and 44
                        Grammar:  Acrostic Poetry, Creating characters to write stories
                        Computer:  Mavis Beacon Program to practice keyboarding
                        Vocabulary:  debris
                        Sign Language: cake, food, help, love, fix, big
                        Music:  Practi…

Lunch This Week.

Hope everyone had a very happy Easter! His hope is intoxicating!

Lunch this week will only be provided Tuesday. (There are 5 weeks in March :) So bring a lunch the rest of the week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.... Again ;) Here's a few pics from today, and celebrating St. Patrick's day at BCS... complete with a pot of gold... chocolate! The older boys lead the treasure hunt, and I was very  impressed with the job they did interacting and working with the other kids. Very awesome.

This morning we discussed Saint Patrick and how he used the shamrock to represent the trinity - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Saint Patrick converted thousands of people to Christianity and spread the good news of Jesus across the country. His story is inspiring! St. Patrick's day is actually the day Saint Patrick died - and in celebration and remembrance of his beautiful life (devoted to Christ) - they lifted the bans on fasting due to the lenten holiday. It's funny (scary/crazy) how money can change the purpose of something so pure and beautiful.  But, if you do raise a glass today, cheers to Saint Patrick!

New Piano! - Fun Week

As always, this week has had it's share of blessings and challenges.

Check out our new piano. We believe it was LNR and Steve Hasner's. It came from the community center. Our organ went to a very thankful family :). So thank-you for the piano and thanks Eric for helping us move it.

Also, lunch was provided today courtesy of the Men in Mission. There were leftover Dagwood subs from the lent lunch last night. Sounds like Gary and Elaine Lenzen had bought the subs and donated... so thank-you!

I'm excited for today. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A few songs from BCS and lunch next week.

Here are a few videos from BCS this past week. Hope you enjoy. We are very blessed.

Lunch this upcoming week will be provided Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Also, don't forget to spring ahead tonight! Church will be in Crocker this weekend, 10:00am.

Concepts for March 15-17          Main Focus - Showing Jesus's love by sharing and cooperating.
Butterflies:  Letter W   "Jonah and the Whale"
                    Mixing primary colors
                    Learning the song "Jesus Loves Me"
                    Continue practicing number formation and number sense
                    Creating and following a pattern
                    Check out this website with your child
Wonderfliers:  Reading - Context clues, using a dictionary/glossary, ways to determine word meaning
                        Math - Create and answer money story problems; begin graphing
                        Science - Immune System (We'll learn the basics Thursday and do the activity next Monday)
                        Spelling - Words with ight
                        Grammar - Writing poetry about small moments, people, and writing acrostic poems