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Update on School Supplies & Fall Road Cleanup

Hi! We are all getting very excited for school!

School Supplies : It looks like we don't need the kids to bring anything except a backpack and slippers. Because of generous donations, we have plenty of folders, kleenex, pencils, crayons, markers, notebooks... everything!

If you already have folders or something special for your child, we can certainly use them if they like.

Also, we are going do do our fall road cleanup the morning of September 21, the morning of the fall fest. The kids had a lot of fun cleaning up this past spring - then we can come back and play games and roast some hot dogs for a job well done.

If you are interested in helping that day, or do not want your child to walk ditches, let us know. We may have the younger ones just walk a short stretch and then take them back to the school earlier - so we could use volunteers to help pickup trash/walk with kids or lead/play games at the school.

See everyone soon!

Hot Lunch Program

As most of you know, our hot lunch program is made possible by our very generous community and BCS family. Please let me know (call, text, email : if you would like to contribute one day a month. This would be 8 lunches for the 2016-2017 school year.

I did not carry over volunteers from last year, just in case it just didn't work again.

So far, hot lunch will be provided on the following days :

All Mondays
All Tuesdays
All Wednesdays
4th Thursday