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Christmas Week


Schedule for Christmas week will be roughly based on this plan. :)

We will be having our Christmas party on Wednesday, December 20. No gift exchange this year - but will play some games and enjoy Buck Denver's Christmas Special. We will also be practicing for the play that day and the program will be that evening at 7:00.

Thursday, December 21 will be caroling. As mentioned earlier, we will be at Benet Place at 11:00 and then the plan is to carol a couple streets in uptown Watertown following. We will be leaving from the school at approximately 10:00 am. There will not be regular school that day. If your child needs a ride, just let me know OR if your child needs to hang out that day, they are always welcome at our house until we leave.

Friday, December 22 : There will be no school. If this causes a conflict for anyone - please let me know.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Craft

Thanks Cassie! Merry Christmas!


There is a new event. We will be caroling in Watertown on December 21. We will for sure be caroling at 11:00am at Benet Place. We may also be caroling one more place and will let you know as we get that scheduled.

Please let me know if you would like to drive your own child, volunteer to help, or have questions or concerns. Thank-you!

Weather - December 4

Good Morning.

As most of you have seen, we are in a winter weather warning. As of now there is no rain or snow. I am going to be in at school this morning, until the weather picks up a bit - which appears to be late morning. However, if you don't want to drive or take that chance or your drive is longer - I understand completely. It is much more important to be safe.

If you choose to stay home please complete the following:

Read Luke 4. Copy a bible verse and find 3 new words and learn what they mean. (3rd+ copywork in cursive - Evan 3 verses). 3rd+ also needs to read Matthew 12 as well.

Write about what your thoughts on either storm or your bible reading using complete sentences and try to use an adjective!

Please practice math facts or do math at your level.

Blessings and be safe. Please text if you decide to stay home. If everyone stays home, I won't be in :)


Happy Thanksgiving from BCS

Oh give thanks to the Lord for His mercy endures forever. Have a blessed and safe thanksgiving!

Stay off the hot lava!

Monkeys in a tree.

Some fun pics from today. Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good. Psalm 118:1Thank you God for blessing us. 

Happy Halloween!

Today we talked a lot about being a light in this world. And just like stars light up the dark in Starry Night by VanGogh, I pray we are all able to go out tonight and be lights in this world. Spreading His love. What a wonderful opportunity. Godspeed.
A couple pics of us trying our hands at Impressionism. A couple ducked out early :)

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The end of our first quarter is next week already! - October 27. Please schedule a time to meet with me over the next couple weeks to discuss your child's progress and answer any questions you might have. Call or email :  We can make most any time work - before, after or during school.


Pumpkin Painting

We were going to listen/watch a story while we painted... next time I'll pick something a little lighter. Lol, live and learn. On the other side, very artistic and the kiddos really enjoyed painting. All the colors they used were created by mixing the 3 primary colors and white. Very nice and a beautiful day!


I feel so blessed to have the hot lunch program we have. I really can't thank everyone enough.
To add to it - lunch will be provided this Friday and the 5th Tuesday of this month. God bless.

Hot Lunches

Good Morning.

Our hot lunch days have been updated. Please review the side menu and thank-you to everyone who contributes, also thanks to Dan and Mya who have been filling in the empty days.


Nature's Jungle Gym

A few pics from last week that I just really like. I love that children get a chance to explore God's creation together. We have our hiccups but together we learn more about Jesus and living together.

God is enough.

This morning, we sang, prayed, and had a short message around the flag pole in honor of "see you at the pole" day. A day where Christians attending public school band together and pray at the flag pole before entering school.

This day is so humbling for me. I am reminded just how fortunate I am that our children are allowed to celebrate our creators love every day!! The message this morning was simple: breathe and remember God is enough. No matter what we are going through, the good, the bad, and the ugly -- He is enough. The only time He's not us when we don't allow Him in. 
Some pics from today. Thank you Yexley's for bringing in the bouncy house and also thank you to all the people providing hot lunches so far this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And one more thank you to Evan and the volunteers who help. God is so good. 
God Bless!

Creation - extra pics


We have been studying God's very amazing creation and then the kiddos tried their hand. Not only did they make their own clay/playdough, they also created. Some allowed their piece to harden, others brought it home and kept it soft for extra creating. Anyway, a few pics from last weeks project. I will post the rest of the pics on the next post--5 pic max from my phone. :)

2017 Fall Fest

Thank you to everyone! It was such a magical day for me and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as well. The family of people that the school brings together really does warm my heart.

Even with the rain, the kiddos picked up garbage - with happy hearts! Their willingness and excitement to serve puts a smile on my face... even in less than perfect conditions. I don't have as many pictures this year - my camera battery died... I guess I'm slipping in some respects, but I also just really enjoyed the day.... a gentle rain, swinging, picking up ditches, hot cocoa, food, community, wild kratts, a hay ride, frisbee, music, sunshine after a cloudy day, mud pies, adventuring, a fire - Thank you God for showering us with your blessings!!!

And all God's children said... Amen!