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Dragonflies are reading about Joseph this week, pages 64-75. Plus a couple pics from the other day.

BCS - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As if getting pizza from Keller's isn't awesome enough (Thank You Barb!), the kiddos decided to take the pizza party to the next level by turning the pizza boxes into sleds. To give credit where credit is due, the idea came from the V-man!  :) AND, in true peacemaker form, without any adult intervention, the kiddos decided to tear the pizza boxes in half so every one could have one!
My heart is very happy and I feel incredibly blessed. Enjoy the video! God is good.

God is good, everyday!

The Son is shining! I will do better getting pics of the older boys, I'm just with the younger ones all the time. 
Music: Neon Intro by David Crowder


Crafty Falcons need to keep reading a chapter every night.

Dragonflies are reading about Abraham and Isaac this week. 
Flamingoes keep reading with your parents!
Everyone is doing great!
What a beautiful couple days. Thank you God for blessing us. 

Update for 2017

We just wanted to give an update on how things are going at BCS in 2017!

Students are learning to sit and be attentive, or at the very least quiet, while lessons are being taught to all levels. I feel very strongly that this is a major benefit to the one room school-house. Children learn that it's not always about them and that it is important to work together and it is not necessary to be entertained or busy every second. An even bigger hope is that this setting will help the students understand that Jesus, our Savior and example, came to serve not to be served and that being a peacemaker and working together and putting others first is the source of joy. 'Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.' -Matthew 5:9 - They even earn 'peacemaker points' by working together! These points earn them extra recess minutes. :)

Not to mention scholastically, students hear the material multiple times. Even if they aren't listening they are still …

Piano to Keyboard

We are going to be getting rid of the piano at school and replacing it with a keyboard. This will open up our back entry so that we can move some of the younger students to the back to give everyone more room and in anticipation of a few more students next year. Plus, the kiddos will get to learn on an in-tune instrument! :)

So, does anyone want the piano or know of anyone who wants it? And, does anyone know of a used keyboard (full size) - that we could purchase for the school? We wanted to start here and will expand the search if necessary.


Dragonflies' Reading

The Dragonflies are reading Noah's Ark this week. Also read the stories up to that point in the Old Testament, if they want more. :) I would love it if they could read it every night.



Quick Update :

The Crafty Falcons (2nd) need to read at least 1 chapter every night in their chapter book.

The Dragonflies (K) need to read the bible story we are working on from their Learn to Read Bible every night. Please let me know if it would be helpful for me to post which story - they seem to know but sometimes forget to try it at home.

The Flamingoes (PreK) : Please continue to read with them.

Thank You!