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Flying Carrots

Today we read a story about flying carrots. One of the characters kept saying it wasn't possible, and finally with a tear in his eye, farmer rabbit said, "If you don't try to do great things, you won't go far, my dear."

With Jesus, the impossible is possible. He beat death. If we trust His way and walk with Him, He will show us a most amazing life. 
The kiddos then each shared something they wanted to do that just doesn't seem possible, and then illustrated their dream... Riding eagles and  unicorns were just a couple. God is so good to us.... He defines grace, unmerited favor.
My dream is walking with Jesus every moment and allowing His light to spread.

Just because they are awesome :)

Thank you God for blessing us.

Parent Teacher Conferences


We are already almost to the end of quarter 3 (next week, Feb. 23). All of the kids are doing great!

The Flamingoes (PreK) are getting very comfortable with their letter sounds and are even starting to sound out words and recognize sight words. They are learning numbers, piano, how to mix colors, puzzles, and are extremely creative.

The Dragonflies (K) are becoming quite the little readers and have great hand writing! They are becoming very comfortable with their numbers - forward, backward, by 1's, fives, tens - causing them to naturally progress right into math sentences. Pretty awesome. They also have piano, typing, bible, and spelling lessons.

The Crafty Falcons (2nd) are fantastic readers and continue to work on comprehension and self-sufficiency/motivation to get their work done. They are doing great! They are very comfortable with math as well, addition, subtraction, money, time - and taking everything to the next level with excitement and ease. They are now quite fluent i…