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An Inside Look.

A little more of an inside look to how the curriculum works and what we do at BCS.

The students learn to read quite effectively and efficiently between preK and Kindergarten. This gives them a great platform to learn and discover on their own. The entire allinonehomeschool curriculum promotes children learning to think on their own.

For math, the students spend Kindergarten learning to count - not just a little, but really well and comfortably to 100, making it a seamless transition into math sentences, fractions, measuring, etc.
I have wonderful stories from watching the kids discover on their own - it works! Plus, they retain so much more through discovery verse me preaching rules. I just guide. It's quite effective.

We do emphasize a few additional things like piano (music), sign language, cursive, stretching/yoga, and quiet. Plus we read books and just enjoy life.

We promote working together, and what it means to be a peacemaker not just in words, but action. We focus on the …

His Grace is Sufficient. 2 Corinthians 12:9

One truth I continue to grow into: His grace truly is sufficient. I believe much, if not all, of our planning and toiling is done in vain. I believe God has a plan for each one of us - far more amazing than anything we could plan. He came up with the universe! :) Our job is to trust Him.

I am convinced that God brought me to BCS because I want to walk with Him and teach others to trust His grace. The creator of, Lee, is a missionary, mom, and Christian. I think it is good for the parents of students at BCS to read what she wrote about how education and His grace are directly related and to learn a little about the curriculum we use. I strongly agree.... and at BCS, when we give students the opportunity to explore, they only reinforce this truth. They also learn how to make good choices and work together...  to become peacemakers. "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God." Matthew 5:9.

Here are the articles, please read!

Group Strategy

I love this school for so many reasons. One, we acknowledge we are 'one'. Learning together, growing together, all ages. This is a strategy game where the students work as a team.

Pictionary is also awesome. :)

Reading Time

Jesus makes my heart very happy, and I'm so incredibly thankful for this school and everyone I've met. God is good.

The kiddos enjoying reading time.

I read the following today by Andrew Murray : Just like a teacher wants their classroom to be a place of light and joy, a place students want to be, so Jesus also wants this for us as we rest in His presence and walk with Him.
Thank you God for blessing us.

A couple pics.

Chemistry experiment. The dragonflies couldn't stop watching!

Snow angel in the dusting of snow.

History. Had to sneak a pic otherwise Tyler hides. :)

Exploring art!

Painting with wheels.

April 27 - End of Year BBQ, Garbage Pickup, Recital, and Graduation.

Hope everyone had a very blessed weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.

We have put together a plan for April 27th. Everyone is welcome - parents, grandparents, community - whoever wants to take part.

April 27th Schedule
8:30 ish : Leave to clean up ditches.
11:30 : BBQ - Tyler's choice. I believe we will be grilling burgers. Play outside. Hopefully the sun is shining!

2:00 : Recital. Walk over to church and let all the children play their piano/guitar pieces.
2:30 ish : Present Tyler with his diploma.

Play until everyone wants to go home.

Hope to see you all there!