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Happy Halloween!

Today we talked a lot about being a light in this world. And just like stars light up the dark in Starry Night by VanGogh, I pray we are all able to go out tonight and be lights in this world. Spreading His love. What a wonderful opportunity. Godspeed.
A couple pics of us trying our hands at Impressionism. A couple ducked out early :)

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The end of our first quarter is next week already! - October 27. Please schedule a time to meet with me over the next couple weeks to discuss your child's progress and answer any questions you might have. Call or email :  We can make most any time work - before, after or during school.


Pumpkin Painting

We were going to listen/watch a story while we painted... next time I'll pick something a little lighter. Lol, live and learn. On the other side, very artistic and the kiddos really enjoyed painting. All the colors they used were created by mixing the 3 primary colors and white. Very nice and a beautiful day!


I feel so blessed to have the hot lunch program we have. I really can't thank everyone enough.
To add to it - lunch will be provided this Friday and the 5th Tuesday of this month. God bless.

Hot Lunches

Good Morning.

Our hot lunch days have been updated. Please review the side menu and thank-you to everyone who contributes, also thanks to Dan and Mya who have been filling in the empty days.