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Ice Skating

Ice skating was a big hit! The kiddos showed perseverance and were very obedient. I was very thankful for Mya, Bobby, and Lois helping as it was ALOT of skates to take on and off.

Here are a couple pics ..

I will get more next time -- I hope :) I'm having some technical difficulties with a few of the pics that were shared with me at the moment.

For the month of March, we will plan on skating every Tuesday afternoon. The cost is $5/child or $10/ family each time. If you don't want your child to go, please plan on picking them up by 11:30 on Tuesday. We will go back to normal-ish Tuesdays in April. Please confirm your plans so I can let those renting the rink know -- sooner is better if possible.

Susan and I will be driving along with any other volunteers. Dan and Mya and Bobby have also volunteered to help but not sure if it will be every Tuesday and Dave has also volunteered to help a couple Tuesdays. Let me know if you are interested in helping. Kids will spread out between the drivers.


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