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Jesus clears the temple. Jesus is approached by a religious leader.

Reading -- John 2:13 through John 3:21

Jesus clears the temple. This is the strongest example of Jesus' emotion, physically. John 2:17 "Passion for God's house will consume me." He sees God's chosen people, the Jews, using God's house as a marketplace. Trying to exploit or profit from God's gifts... in His house -- 1 John 4:8 says "God is Love." I can only think to compare this scene to seeing a really nice person, one who is always kind -- and full, overflowing with love, being taken advantage of by a crook. And then the crook saying it's actually for that loving person or because of that loving person or in the name of that loving person. Kind of upsets me just writing about it. I also realize I am that crook some days. I use the temple of the holy spirit, my body, in non-loving ways. But thank God! He knew we can't be perfect, Romans 8:28 - and He can make all things work for the good of those that Love Him. I know I can't be perfect, but I can and do love Him.

Next! Jesus meets up with Nicodemus, a Jewish leader... but Nicodemus is different than the other leaders and believes Jesus is sent from God. Jesus introduces the idea of being born again -- being born of the water and the spirit. This was eye opening to me a few years ago... I didn't truly realize the holy spirit could be alive within each one of us. It was a life changer and still is. That's the often left off piece of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross!!! He died so His blessing could multiply infinitely... on Earth He was just one man -- but after He dies -- the holy spirit is our gift -- Jesus, God, within us... part of us. It's so exciting! He Lives!!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the bible reading as much as I am. Feel free to leave comments... I would love to hear other thoughts or if you have questions!

I also posted the bible readings for the day in the side bar - next to upcoming events so you no longer have to reference the old post.

Have a blessed day!


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