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Living Water

John 7 --

Jesus begins teaching openly at the temple and the Pharisees start getting pretty upset. This man who wants nothing and doesn't play by the worldly rules is healing and really just being quite kind and says He is from God. He's loving everyone -- especially those who 'don't deserve it'. 

I love Jesus.

Then he offers us all living water... What is living water?-- John 7:39 says The spirit -- the 3rd piece to the trinity (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit). I feel like every day I grow in a little better understanding or personally letting go of this world and understanding :) -- to allow the spirit more freedom in my heart. One thing I have learned, the Spirit contradicts worldly reason.

As a society, we are focused on controlling situations, being right, knowing everything, reacting, planning, judging, getting ahead -- They are re-occurring themes... but the Spirit asks us to wait, be still, don't judge, don't react to everything -- be still and use few words. It is completely backwards. -- AND How can we get anything done that way??? It's the craziest thing, but He is always working through people, together -- and many times my biggest mistake is over-acting and over-reacting... His way is so much simpler. There is nothing wrong with being still -- actually, though our stillness -- He can make miracles happen through us and others... and He fills us up with the energy to act when it is our turn.

I have a fun analogy of a baseball team playing together -- If you are on a baseball team, you have a position to play. But, what if you decided you didn't want to wait for the ball to come to you and instead, you ran all over the field trying to take everyone else's plays... getting in your teammates way and causing them to drop the ball as well... AND when the ball does get hit to your spot, you are not there and you are too tired to make the play anyway. That's no good. But that is how we can act in this world -- running ourselves silly, trying to be everywhere and be everything to please this world and live up to this worldly standard. Guess what!? We will never be able to live up to God's standards -- and He loves us anyway. There is no amount of toiling that is for Him... He simply wants us. So, my advice is to be still and wait for the play -- Let God fill you up and energize you so you are ready when the ball is hit to you. You'll know. God is awesome at making it clear when the ball is coming at you. Stay in touch with Him and you will be right where He needs you.

I pray we are able to fill up on His living water today. To know Him better and draw closer to Him so that 'Rivers of living water will flow through our heart.' -John 7:38
Thank You God for blessing us.

PS. Our next bible study will be Wed, May 30 at 4:30.


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