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Testifying with Love.

John 5:31-47 -- Today we read about John the Baptist being a witness to Jesus and one other witness! :)

Why is Jesus saying His miracles and teachings are witnesses to directly connect Him to Our Father in heaven (John 5:36)?  Because God is love! 1 John 4:8. All of Jesus' miracles and teachings come back to ONE common principle -- LOVE! --- unconditional, all-encompassing love! He heals the broken, weak, sick, sinful. God could've sent a force that was so big and so great it would have scared us all to pieces and forced us into fearful submission to obedience... But that is not God. He literally is love. He's not asking for submission out of fear -- He's calling us to have a relationship with Him out of love. It's so awesome and amazing to me that the creator of the universe is love. The all-powerful Lord is love.

It is also puts into perspective the power of love. The word love gets tossed around alot which may dim the understanding of it's power -- but it says in John -- love heals, forgives, and changes lives. Jesus was sent to us out of love and for love and to love. It's incredible how simple it really is.

"When we get to heaven, we will laugh when we see, just how hard we tried to make it and how easy it should be." -- David Crowder, Praise the Lord, lyrics.

Dear God, Don't let our focus shift from you. Keep us steadfast in your love -- your constant, simple, perfect love. You are so beautiful. Thank-you! Amen.


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