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Happy Halloween!

Dear God, teach us to be a light in this world. Thank you for blessing us. Amen.

Jacob Wrestles God Art and More Pics.

Some pics from last week during our morning math and reading time -- and a little exploration. :)


First Church in Watertown is currently doing a sermon series on Genesis 32, where on Jacob's return home to meet the brother he deceived and tricked (Esau), he wrestles with a higher power on the banks of the river.

I had asked the kiddos if they would be willing to draw a picture for the church about this story, and they were very excited by the challenge. First church printed them on the fronts of all of their bulletins this weekend -- I took a sample of each child's picture on the front of a bulletin and will send them home with your child tomorrow.

Thank-you God for blessing us. Let all we do be for You. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Fleece for Tie Blankets.

We are in need of fleece for the tie blankets we will be making on November 21. Each side of each blanket requires 1.5 yards -- equalling 3 yards/ blanket.

Our goal is 20 blankets. Even if we don't finish them all on the 21st, we will finish them later.

We have fleece for 5 blankets already donated - so we have 15 blankets left we need fleece for. Let me know if you are interested in contributing and how much. I have been told that Walmart is one of the cheaper options.

Blessings!  and I'm very excited to be expanding our ministry work and to be providing an opportunity for the kids to grow outward.

BCS Board Meeting Recap and Upcoming Events.

We had our 4th quarter board meeting last Friday.

1. There will now be a building committee taking care of maintenance. So far, this committee includes Kyle and Bobby. If anyone is interested in being part, please let us know. We may still have work days - but the committee will oversee what projects need to be done and how it will happen.

2. We are going to be doing more serving events in our community and surrounding areas.
Dates to remember :

November 21 : Blanket Tying and potluck. We will do a potluck and tie blankets on the Wednesday before thanksgiving (aka pajama day :). Eat at 12:00 and tie blankets from 12:30 - 2:30. This is not just for the parents to do, but for the kids to serve for a couple hours helping tie blankets. That is the focus. If anyone would like to contribute fleece or help out that day, please let me know. We will have a better understanding of how much fleece we need over the next week or so.

Dec. 4 : Serving at the Pantry in Webster. We will be handing out …

Reading Time and the Power of Observation.

I love reading time photos. I think it's the peace and the contentment from just paper and words - and imagination. Beautiful. 
Then! We have been talking about the power of observation and that discoveries stem from someone asking a question and seeking an answer. So today, we partnered off with a clipboard and magnifying glass and made observations. -- and what a beautiful day it was to adventure outside.
Enjoy the pics. 
Thank You God for blessing us. May we draw closer to you with every breath. Thank you for your love. Teach us your ways and guide us by your truths. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Fall! Singing and Signing. Fun Science Experiment for Exploration Monday.

After a short winter we finally got some fall weather :).

And a science experiment for exploration Monday -- Creating Gas! Proving that although we can't see it - it exists! -- Just like faith, seeing is not believing. Although, God gives us plenty of evidence if we are willing open our hearts. What a a mighty God we serve!

And last but not least -- singing and signing 'Rejoice in the Lord' last week!

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow -- maybe not yet.

It's hard not to be a little excited for the snow when surrounded with kids who are through the moon excited. My favorite was their team work and use of simple machines to build their snow fort.

Also - got a couple good pics of reading time today. I feel very blessed.

Last thing - just a reminder -- of our Inclement Weather Guideline :
Please take note : The safety of your family always comes first. If we do not call off school, and you do not feel it is safe to travel, please don't.
Blessings!  Exodus 14:14 - The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. 
We have an awesome God in our corner.
Enjoy the pics!