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Beautiful but COLD! No School Tuesday or Wednesday.

There will be no school tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday due to the extreme cold temperatures. I pray that these days with your children are blessed and filled with peace. 
I will send any extra work home from the 2 days on Thursday and you can complete over the weekend with your children. 
Please do the math facts, spelling words, and bible verse every day (the ones I posted earlier today), along with reading from the bible. 
PreK is working on the letter 'R' - recognizing and writing. Along with counting and writing numbers 1-10. 

No School Today. Please complete the following with your children.

Good morning! Our bible verse this week is Psalm 16:8 -- I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken for He is right beside me.

1. Write this week's bible verse. Plus choose any other bible verse to write (2nd & 4th write in cursive).

2. Write. Practice. and Sign spelling words. (Lists below)

3. Math. Practice and work on memorizing math facts. Randomly quiz student. (Lists below) 4th also needs to do worksheet. Pics attached. Simply write the problems on a piece of paper to complete and read the timed subtraction to your child and verbally solve.

4. Read John 7:1-24 (Here's a link to read online)

5. Daily Devotion and Stretching.

6. I encourage you to do something science or history based for fun today with your child.

Spelling and Math Lists. Your child will know what to do. We do these every day of every week. :)

4th Grade :
Math facts - 4 x's table and divide.
Spelling - fraction, collection, inspection, construction, election, investigation, rapturous…

Winter Weather

Hey All!

I'm going to bring in all the Kid's work to school tomorrow - for Tuesday and Wednesday. It is supposed to get very cold this week. If you would like me to send your child's work home with them so you don't have to make the drive in on Tuesday and Wednesday, let me know - text or email.

I'm not sure about school tomorrow -- if you end up not making it in until Thursday this week - I will send your child's work from the week home with you to do with your child/ren over the weekend.

I will let you know if we decide to cancel school any of the days. But as always - Your family's safety comes first -- if you don't feel safe please do not travel!

Board Meeting Updates & Events and Pics from last week.

We had a BCS board meeting on Friday morning and added a few more serving opportunities to the events. Please mark your calendars.

Feb 14 : Share His Love Valentines Supper. BCS will be putting on a free V-Day supper @ the Bradley Community Center (location may change) from 5-7pm. The kids will be helping serve, wash dishes, and wait tables.

April 2 : Serving at the Webster Pantry. 3:30 to 6:00pm. Dismiss @ 2.

April 26 : This was already marked as the last day with garbage pick up, BBQ, and Recital. We will also be having a short group PT conference to discuss summer goals.

Dear God. Thank you for blessing BCS. Please bless our out-reach efforts as we share your love with those in our community. Thank you for your love. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

And! A few pics form last week.

Reading and Games Pics.

It was a little chillier today -- but not too chilly to go outside. However, we did cut our afternoon outside exploration a little shorter and came in and played games.

Just a couple pics from the day... reading time and games/creating from when we came in early.

Thank you God for all of your blessings. Bring your presence and light into our hearts so that we may overflow with your goodness and mercy and pour it out on those around us. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

Pond Skating! Yee haw :)

Not only was the frost beautiful today, but it was also a very fun afternoon on the ice.

Thank You God for blessing us! :)

Exploration Monday Pics and Ice Skating Tomorrow!

Exploration Monday : Mrs. S is continuing through 'Is Genesis History'. Today we took a look at bones, bone marrow specifically, and how scientists have found bone marrow that is still stretchy in fossils that were previously dated to be millions or billions of years old. Since this isn't possible, some scientists have started using the marrow as proof that our world is really only about 6 thousand years old instead of millions -- building more evidence around the fact that Genesis could quite possibly be an actual source of history of creation and what followed.

The kids are taking a look at actual bone marrow in the pics.

Also our bible verse this week:
Romans 13:21 Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.

I love the thought that by simply doing good, or making a simple act of kindness - we can defeat evil. ! This is great news.

Last, We will be ice skating at our house tomorrow. We will dismiss from the school at about 12:20 or so (after we eat) a…

Volunteers and Pics!

I am already so excited for what 2019 has in store. We have a couple extra helpers for reading/math time in the mornings -- Don Olson, Lisa Finstad, and Bev! They are rotating in and out throughout the week. So very thankful for this addition. Also, Dan and Bobby led a very successful exploration Monday this week. I look forward to seeing how God will continue to evolve the school. He's amazing! and works through so many beautiful hands.

Our bible verse this week is John 3:30 --He must become greater and greater and I must become less and less.

I pray that Jesus fills all our hearts and His light shines through our actions and words. More of you God, please, and less of me. Thank you for loving us! In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Here are a couple pics from today -- I missed the volunteers. But I will get them!

Ice Skating

Hey all! We are going to try something different this year for ice skating! :) I know new can be scary — but I have faith this can work and offer up a little more adventure, and LESS driving.

The ice at our house is good for skating... It’s patchy and zig-zaggy, but the kids and I seem to find this as not so much a set back as an opportunity to explore and use the imagination. Wallace also flooded half of their basketball courts.

So, we will keep the same dates as before — but skate at our house or Wallace. TBD. I will let you know the night before at the latest.

With this change - I will need 2 things from each family.

1. You will be responsible to provide skates for your kids. If you don’t have skates and need help obtaining them, let me know. There are a few extra pairs floating around the area.

2. You will be responsible to bring your kids and take them home when they get tired of skating or playing outside.

We will dismiss at 12:15ish on skating days. Please let me know if you ha…

Happy New Year! Welcome Back :). And Revised Ice Skating Plans.

I pray that everyone is having a good start to 2019. Please remember as we start this year, Jesus also offers us a clean slate, a fresh start. - In Luke 5:20, Jesus says - "Your sins are forgiven."  We are saved by grace through faith, Ephesians 2:8.

Our bible verse this last week was John 3:36 -- And anyone who believes in God's son has eternal life. -- Our focus was the word 'believe'. When we believe in something, it causes an action. If I was driving along and my car slid off the road and I believed help was just a 100 feet away -- if I really believed that -- I would get out of my car and walk to help. If we believe in Jesus - His love, forgiveness, His saving power... we want to draw near to Him. It causes us to stop and call on Him and rest in Him. When we slide off the road in life, or get sidetracked -- Jesus isn't even 100ft away -- He's simply waiting with arms outstretched, to love His child. I pray, in 2019, we rest in His love - knowing we a…