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Getting Ready For Christmas!

Today marked a new step in BCS history! The kids sang completely on their own... and I took pictures! They made quite the choir and sang beautifully. Singing with them all these years, I always looked forward to just being able to listen and let them lead... and lead they did! They kept singing songs and picking out more... His light radiated from their voices and smiles and kindness.

Every day has its challenges and mistakes, but His love sure is steady. I’m very thankful for Wookeys giving us this opportunity to spend time with their residents - and the kindness they show us.

Our bible verse this week is John 10:10. The theif’s purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

It’s an awesome realization to know the one who created us and watches over us is a God of love... and His desire is to bless us with and through His love.

Thanks God!

Looking forward to the program Thursday night. We will have goodies in the entry and the kids will…

Day Lengths and Pics.

Hey all!

Thanks for the flexibility with the days. Since everyone has been able to experience what we do at the school with homeschooling on Fridays, this next part may not seem as crazy.

Over the last couple weeks, we have played around with doing our science/social studies in the morning... not necessitating the afternoon/lunch period. It has worked out well so far. We have one family now homeschooling during the week in conjunction with attending school one day a week.

We had all the parents sign on as homeschool teachers for their children this year for this purpose. The parent's role in a child's education is irreplaceable. I am so thankful to be in a community where so many parents are willing to take on this challenge!

That being said, I  love the opportunity to teach the children about Jesus and watch them enjoy each other's presence. Even with the shortened days, we still have plenty of time to explore freely. So I continue to dance through this life and learn, gr…