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Pics. Wookey’s. Ice Skating.

Hey all!

I have a couple items for you to consider. I was able to talk to Dala today at Wookey’s, and we are going to try something, with your permission - and you can absolutely opt out if you would prefer. This will not affect the school day as far as the current schedule, as we will be able to supply rides for all children who are interested in trying this.

In watching our culture, I continue to see a growing trend of children wanting attention... always :) and older folks wanting to provide that - and yet we separate them and put them in their respective corners... and never shall the two meet. I feel this burden has been put on my heart to at least ask a few questions and hold God’s hand while He works his magic. We are going to try to HomeSchool with a few of the residents at Wookey’s. It sounded like we should be able to come up with enough residents so there would be a 1 to 1 ratio. Bev said she would help with orchestrating. Bev and Susan both offered to help with driving. If anyone else would like to volunteer, just let me know!

So, on Monday, Feb 3 — school will start at normal time, 8:15..  at 9:00 we will leave for Wookey’s and be back by 11am at the latest... we will finish science/social studies/piano/MB and whatever else we didn’t get done when we get back. School will still dismiss at 12:30. We plan on doing devotions, math facts, cribbage, reading, writing, language arts while we are at Wookey’s.

This is obviously just a rough plan and it may or may not work out - but I feel in my heart it’s at least worth trying.... or maybe it’s just the start of something that I can’t see yet. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts/questions/concerns... or ideas ;).

If it works to do every Monday - it will replace our Tuesday monthly visits. This is for grades 1-12. As I don’t think it will work with Kindergarten quite yet - but I may be proven wrong later.

Now, Ice Skating. The next ice skating date is Feb 4. Ice Skating starts at 12:30, so we will close the school at 12:00 that day. If you want to send a lunch with your child that day, we will make sure they get a chance to eat it before 12. Or you can grab lunch after. Your call!

Matthew 20:20 Even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and give His life as a ransom for many.

Thank-you all for continuing this journey with me. We have such an awesome creator!

And some pics...


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