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2020-2021 Calendar

2020-2021 Calendar

Sept 8 - First Day of School & School Pics

Sept 25 - Fall Fest/Garbage Pickup 

Nov 26-27 - Thanksgiving Break

Dec 17 - Christmas Play @ 6:00pm

Dec 21 to Jan 3 - Christmas Break

Jan 4 - Back to School

April 30 - End of the Year BBQ/Play and Garbage Pickup

Daily Schedule: 

8:30 to 12:30 - Monday through Thursday (K-12)

Homeschool Fridays

(This will vary some - but it is a starting point)

8:30 - Devotions

8:45 - Reading Time - 30 minutes

9:15 - Language Arts/Reader Workbook/Cursive/Bible Verse

9:40 - Math

10:20 - Science/History Art

11:20 - Sign Language/Spanish/Piano (Will rotate days) - Tidy Up

11:30 - Yoga/Exploration/Outside

12:30 - Dismiss

I would like to emphasize a couple items. 

  1. If your child/ren are sick, please homeschool with them for that day. This is no different from any other year, but we just wanted to remind everyone.
  2. We will continue with homeschool Fridays.
  3. I would like to dismiss at 12:30 and not before if possible. We spend the morning working hard and would love the opportunity to explore with the kids outside or even inside (if it gets too cold). We are going to move yoga outdoors mostly because the rug is getting too small for our growing bunch!
  4. We would be happy to give your child piano lessons or ukulele lessons if they are interested but they are not mandatory. 
  5. Please locate your child’s piano theory book if possible as I would love to finish these and move onto the next book.


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Board Meeting Updates & Events and Pics from last week.

We had a BCS board meeting on Friday morning and added a few more serving opportunities to the events. Please mark your calendars.

Feb 14 : Share His Love Valentines Supper. BCS will be putting on a free V-Day supper @ the Bradley Community Center (location may change) from 5-7pm. The kids will be helping serve, wash dishes, and wait tables.

April 2 : Serving at the Webster Pantry. 3:30 to 6:00pm. Dismiss @ 2.

April 26 : This was already marked as the last day with garbage pick up, BBQ, and Recital. We will also be having a short group PT conference to discuss summer goals.

Dear God. Thank you for blessing BCS. Please bless our out-reach efforts as we share your love with those in our community. Thank you for your love. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

And! A few pics form last week.

Freedom to Choose.

It’s crazy, but while we live in a ‘free’ country - many of us live lives that speak otherwise. We are bound by expectations and man-made plans. We do what we do mostly because that is what we are told or expected to do... and then something like this happens where we are given the freedom of time... and choices... a blessing most of us are not sure what to do with. 
I can’t help but spend time right now reveling in the truth that we are created in God’s image... It doesn’t take much exploring of God’s creation to see that we have a very creative God. I truly believe somewhere within each one of us, whether it be building, sculpting, photography, painting, planting, music, crafts, writing, etc - we have a desire to create and explore, a sometimes very buried or hidden desire - but a desire... a yearning in our soul. 
I’m so incredibly thankful for a break from the chaos. An opportunity to slow down and connect with God. I pray with all my heart - as a culture - we are able to let go of …

Books for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Hey All! Hope everyone is having a good summer. 
This year we are going to do our book ordering a little different. Last year Bobby and I purchased the books for the kids and this year we are going to ask that each family purchases books for their own kids. If this is an issue, just message me and we have no problem working with you or helping out. It’s about $40/child plus each family will want one of the Genesis guide books for their home. You do not need to purchase a teacher’s guide for the other subjects unless you would like to. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with any of the links. I pray everyone is holding tight to the light. John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it. Amen. 
Here are links to the books you will need. Just choose the grade your child will be going into.
Reader Workbooks:
Language Arts Workbooks: NOT the printables, but the workbooks. The second section on the…